Redemption/TIME braids together the magnificence of Baca’s poetic genius, the exquisite and soulful musicality of Christian Howes and compelling video design into a performance work that will inspire, educate and motivate audiences across the country. Both Baca and Howes have powerful stories to tell, with the former having overcome illiteracy and incarceration to become an […]

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New Workshop! From Page to Stage

I’m thrilled to invite you to our exciting and free “From Page To Stage” workshop and performance series. In these three engaging sessions, we’ll explore the art of transforming written poetry into powerful performances. Join us to discover the magic of giving your words a voice and breathing life into your creations. Together, we will

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My poetry playlist in Soundcloud

As an actor, speaker, and storyteller, I deeply value how poetry can confront today’s pressing issues, nurture cultural unity, and offer comfort and inspiration amidst individual and societal struggles. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with gifted artists on several poetry albums. Given the challenges we face in the world today, I’ve decided to share these

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The effects of gravity

In the realm of creativity, ‘The Effects of Gravity’ stands as a mesmerizing masterpiece, a collaboration between yours truly, Luke Keller, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Álvaro Domene, Guitarist, Composer, Educator. This unique performance beautifully marries art and science, seamlessly blending imagery and sound, inquiry and imagination. It narrates the epic tale of our

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In these tumultuous times, the significance of poetry shines ever brighter. As we navigate a world filled with uncertainty, change, and challenges, poetry becomes a guiding light, offering solace, insight, and connection. This collection of poems is a testament to the enduring importance of poetry in the present moment. I will like to invite you

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Rick Rubin’s “The Creative Act”

Rick Rubin’s “The Creative Act” is a profound exploration of the essence of creativity and the artistic process. Rubin, a legendary music producer and influential figure in the music industry, delves into the inner workings of creativity, offering valuable insights and wisdom drawn from his extensive career. In this thought-provoking work, he emphasizes the importance

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