The effects of gravity

In the realm of creativity, ‘The Effects of Gravity’ stands as a mesmerizing masterpiece, a collaboration between yours truly, Luke Keller, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Álvaro Domene, Guitarist, Composer, Educator. This unique performance beautifully marries art and science, seamlessly blending imagery and sound, inquiry and imagination. It narrates the epic tale of our cosmic origins, delving into the birth of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, our solar system, and our Earth, all through the twin lenses of scientific rigor and poetic depth. With breathtaking animated computer graphics, celestial images, a blazingly virtuosic electric guitar score, and original poetry, it celebrates the vastness, intricacies, and beauty of the cosmos, as well as our relentless quest to comprehend it. At a crucial juncture where science faces challenges, ‘The Effects of Gravity’ becomes a beacon of enlightenment, a multimedia performance that champions both knowledge and planetary stewardship. It’s an exploration of science and art as parallel expressions of humanity’s fundamental impulse to explore, inviting you to have your mind expanded, your heart opened, your eyes widened, and your ears enchanted like never before. Join us on this cosmic journey and be prepared to be amazed!
Sharing with you today a short reel about our production. Let me know if you like it.

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