The City where Latin Jazz and Poetry converge

City of dreams,
the city that never sleeps won’t bat an eye,
won’t lower a lash,
lest we miss the minor miracles that guide us
through the cyber-streaming matrix,
and plain simple living,
of our here and now.
Welcome to New York,
the magnificent location of our mortal unwinding.

David Gonzalez

As a passionate lover of spoken word and the transformative power of poetry, I had the incredible privilege of taking part in this mesmerizing fusion of Latin jazz and spoken word in a breathtaking multi-media production titled “City of Dreams.” This artistic masterpiece brought together a quartet of New York’s most sizzling Latin jazz musicians, infusing their electrifying rhythms into every spoken word.

“City of Dreams” is a testament to the boundless creativity that can emerge when spoken word meets the vibrant world of Latin jazz—a show that left me inspired and wonderfully evocative, resonating with the raw energy of artistic passion.


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