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David Gonzalez


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“David is an extraordinay speaker. He shares unforgettable life lessons, capturing head and heart through his magical stories and poetry. Our conferees loved him!”

Proctor and Gamble

David Gonzlez performing with mic


Dr. David Gonzalez is an International  speaker with decades of experience empowering people to realize their creative potential. He has given more than five thousand presentations at companies, colleges, theaters, conferences, and schools. David blends poetry, storytelling, and music into his work to inspire and motivate.

” With speech, poetry, music, and, above all, inspired imagination, Mr. Gonzalez has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them. ” – New York Times

David’s audiences come away with a greater capacity for functional and effective creativity.

Why is creativity important?

  • Creativity is essential for solving problems, especially in our fast-paced world.
  • Creativity is contagious and inspirational, encouraging teamwork and collaboration.
  • Creativity gets people motivated as they get ownership over their roles.
  • Creative workplaces are more likely to attract and retain employees.

“David’s is a most necessary voice, concerned with a profound, inspiring view of humanity.”

Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States

Creative Problem Solving: CREATIVITY IN ACTION

david gonzalez dancing

“Mr. Gonzalez works his magic… absorbing, funny and suspenseful.”
New York Times

Creativity is a birthright. Each day we are challenged to work out the situations of our lives with creative solutions. Creativity is a defining characteristic of being human. The artist has a special relationship with creativity. He has invested in it, he has exercised its muscles, and he has given it room to roam and grow. In this engaging and thoughtful presentation, Award-winning Broadway writer/actor/producer Dr. David Gonzalez illuminates the creative process through his poetry, stories, monologues, and music.
People come away inspired to be more creative in their lives and work.


Our Powerful Stories

david gonzalez professional speaker performing

“Mr. Gonzalez is inspired and wonderfully evocative.”
Orange County Register

Stories create connections. They join us in shared experiences and shared identity. Personal stories give insight into character and ability. In this keynote speech, Dr. David Gonzalez tells amazing true stories about his journey toward becoming a successful performer, scholar, and businessman. Effective storytelling conveys self-knowledge, generosity of spirit, mastery, creativity, and passion. Audiences leave with new skills in how to use their own stories in effective ways.


Run It Down

David Gonzalez holding a mic

“An amazing spoken-word production blessed by the poetic modern word interpretations of Gonzalez.”
Latin Beat Magazine

Run It Down traverses the landscape of Gonzalez’ creative world: poems of urban grit and mountain cliffs, stories about a father in the CIA, stunningly powerful tales from his life as an arts therapist, Orpheus in the Underworld, plus other gems from his repertoire. He brings it all together with a mix of original music for piano and guitar.
Your people will be inspired, entertained, and motivated by David’s multi-modal artistic expression.

Team Building Through Spontaneous Acts of Funk: A Playshop

David gonzalez

“Mr. Gonzalez has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them.”
New York Times

David has led countless experiential workshops to help folks develop creativity and risk taking as they build strong, flexible, and resilient teams. This work is also a great way to release stress, regain vitality, and reconnect with the creative impulse.


  1. A workshop leader with decades of experience.
  2. A Motown/Hip-Hop/Salsa head-to-toe tapping warm up for the bones.
  3. A suite of carefully crafted exercises to release the voice and poetic imagination.
  4. A central tale to inspire play.
  5. Mix well for episodes of fearless play.

Wear comfortable clothing and an attitude of adventure!

Celebrating LatinX Diversity:

Mi Gente

david gonzalez

“He had everyone in the crowd on their feet singing.”
L.A. Times

Acclaimed performer David Gonzalez shares the riches of Hispanic culture through his poetry and stories. The content of this presentation moves from ancient myths to personal sagas to his own compelling poetry of a Latino determined to shape an authentic identity and creative life. David has a gift for communicating essences, and in this keynote, he offers a fresh vision of contemporary Latino culture that is rooted in soulful mythology and poetic imagination. People come away with a new understanding and appreciation of LatinX culture.


Latin Beat Magazine

""An amazing spoken-word/Latin jazz production blessed by the poetic modern word interpretations of González and the funky urban spirit and soul of the city.""

New York Times

""With speech, sound, music and, above all, inspired imagination, Mr. Gonzalez has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them. ""

New York Times

""Masterful, mesmerizing, and marvelous. ""

New York Times

""He had everyone in the crowd on their feet singing. ""

New York Times

""Mr. Gonzalez works his magic… absorbing, funny and suspenseful. ""

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